Real-Life Superheroes

My five-year-old son loves superheroes. He can spend all day reading about Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and anyone else with a super-cool costume. One of the lessons of For All the Saints is that heroes are all around us, although their dress may be less flashy and involve less Spandex.

When I am asked to summarize the messages contained within the book, one of the most potent is as follows: Ordinary men and women can accomplish extraordinary things when they are partnered with the Lord.

For those of you curious to know what some of these superheroes look like, I have attached a photo recently given to me of some of the stallwart members who were the pillars of the Cambridge Branch in the early 1940s.

1940s Group Boston

  • Back row (from left to right): G. Roy Fugal, Rulon Robison, Bill Knecht, Ora Lee Knecht, A.G. Cranney, Larry Guild and Bri Decker
  • Middle row: Claire Robison (the original R.S. president who served in that capacity¬†for 27 years!), Naomi Cranney, George Albert Smith II, Ruth Smith, S. Smitty Stevens
  • Front row: Anna Marie Decker, John N. Hinckley, Olive Fugal, and the indominatable Betty Hinckley

The other day, my five year was lecturing me on Wonder Woman’s parentage and gifts from the backseat of our minivan. Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Mom, isn’t it cool that we have a real-life superhero in our family?” Before I could respond, he quickly added so that there was no misunderstanding: “And it’s me!”

May we all see our own potential for bringing great things to pass through small and simple things (Alma 37:6) and our commitment to the Lord’s work.

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