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“After reading For All the Saints, I felt as if I had walked and talked with some of the finest disciples who have lived and worked on the earth. In our day of drifting ideologies, apathy, discontent, and entitlement, our faith is strengthened by reading about exemplary people who have made and kept covenants. This thoughtful and well-written book is a spiritual record that is relevant and of great value today. It confirms the divine nature of mankind, reveals the hand of the Lord in individual lives, and establishes the direction of righteous and happy living.”
Julie B. Beck, Former Relief Society General President

“Even if New England were not as familiar to you as it is to me, the gathering and building will resonate in the heart of anyone committed to building the kingdom of God anywhere in this world.  It is aptly written for all the saints.  Because of lessons learned from living, its pages provide a pattern for any one of us who prays to be a builder. Thank you for the polishing and honing that gives us this joyous journey.”
Ann N. Madsen, Senior Lecturer, Ancient Scripture, BYU

“When John Winthrop came and settled Boston in 1630, he poetically envisioned a righteous colony that would rise up and become a ‘city upon a hill.’  The tale of that hardy band of settlers and the wide-ranging influence of their example and legacy has been told many times.  Here, for the first time, Dayley provides a truly inspiring account of the rise of Boston’s Latter-day Saint community—a narrative that in its own way proves Winthrop right again.  Aided by the artistry of Dayley’s style, this story indeed provides an exemplary light ‘for all the saints,’ if not all the world.”
Matthew S. Holland, President of Utah Valley University

“With vivid anecdotes and flowing narrative, For All the Saints gives a fascinating view into how the gospel was restored to the ancestral lands of its founding prophets. The LDS Church began in New England, the cradle of religious liberty in the New World, and then moved westward. This book brings that compelling history full circle, home to its roots. And it evokes my profound gratitude to the Mormon pioneers of the ‘reverse migration’ back East, who built the foundation of faith upon which my family and so many others now stand.”
Jane Clayson Johnson, Award-winning journalist and author

“Kristen Smith Dayley’s book For All the Saints is a wonderful read. It not only is an interesting history of the Church in New England as Boston as its hub, but its pages also capture inspiring and faith-building stories of members of the Church and how they built the Church in New England. No matter where you live, this book teaches us how to build the kingdom of God in any geographical area and how we should live our daily lives in serving others. I could not put the book down.”
Nolan D. Archibald, Executive Chairman of The Stanley Black & Decker Corporation

“A deeply touching and inspiring book, For All the Saints illustrates the remarkable conviction and courage of Latter-day Saints in New England. It provides a unique window into the lives of countless unassuming individuals and families, whose steady acts of faith, service, and perseverance have created an extraordinary heritage and a miraculous harvest.”
Ryan Murphy, associate director, Mormon Tabernacle Choir (born and raised in New England)

“For those whose sojourns in the Boston area have cast a pebble on the lake of time, For All the Saints is an opportunity to see how the ripples have spread over the years . . . familiar names, familiar places, shared experiences across what is now generations. For those who haven’t had a Boston experience, this is a fascinating microcosm of the growth of the Church and the myriad miracles associated with that growth in one corner of the vineyard.”
Scott Barrick, general manager, Mormon Tabernacle Choir

“This remarkable history is a wonderful tribute to the Lord’s plan for His children in New England, and to the work of those whose hearts were not only receptive to the gospel message but who were willing to put the kingdom of God first above all else. It is an inspiring record of their trials and accomplishments and their sacrifices and blessings. This story of faith and service will stand alongside those of so many faithful Saints who have labored unceasingly to prepare the earth for the Savior’s Second Coming. I look forward to sharing its messages with my children and grandchildren.”
Steve Wheelwright, president of Brigham Young University–Hawaii

“The story of the implantation and growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New England is a telling ‘re-enactment’ of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock two centuries earlier. Faith, courage, and imagination have combined with an almost unique merger of the search for ‘Faith and Reason’ in a corner of the nation that had—and has still—unique roots in both. This book will warm the heart of those who participated. . . . It also provides a template for those today who seek to engage the spiritual in a world grown callused from a preoccupation with materialism.”
Chase N. Peterson, MD, President Emeritus and Professor of Medicine, University of Utah; previous Dean and Vice President, Harvard

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2 thoughts on “Media and Reviews

  1. This book is wonderful. I read it in about 12 days and so enjoyed and learned from the stories therein. I feel like I can be a better Saint simply by living what the Prophets have told us and what the Savior teaches. Thank you for the book and the BYU Education Week class about all these people. It is a pleasure

    • Thank you so much, Julianne! I am glad that you enjoyed both the book and the class – I’ve been going through a lot of my source material files and reflecting on all the stories that still remain to be shared. I’m feeling similarly inspired, after a great General Conference weekend. 🙂

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